The Anarchiving Game is a shared contract deployed on Zora's mainnet that records The Sphere's evolution, capturing its journey and milestones. This initiative enables collaborators to mint, share, and collect digital objects at minimal costs, promoting open access and diversity in the field of live arts.
When participants create fragments, they are building together the The Sphere's Anarchive as a dynamic, participatory open canvas where community's memories and creativity are continuously interpreted and reimagined, challenging traditional archiving methods, creating a fluid narrative through artistic collaboration.
The Anarchiving Game is supported by New Models for Interdependence and Ownership in Art and Culture, a program coordinated by Serpentine Arts Technologies and RadicalXChange.
Navigation instructions
Left-click drag to rotate
Scroll to zoom in/out
Right-click to pan
Left-click on fragment to see details and mint
Press spacebar to reset view (recenter)
beta v.0.2 - June 2024
Developed by Uint Studio